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Happiness is a priority.

Her fearless determination in the face of such pressure led to a natural partnership with Modern Health and Modern Community.

Modern Health partners with NAMI-NYC, Kinlo to destigmatize mental health

Aligned in our shared goal of promoting better mental health and well-being in our communites,  Modern Health was thrilled to partner with NAMI-NYC at NAMI Walks Your Way 2022. Held at New York’s South Street Seaport in May, several thousand people participated in a walk to destigmatize mental health and show support for those struggling with mental illness—whether that be friends, family members, or even themselves. The event featured Leah McSweeney, a reality TV star living with bipolar disorder, and Marti Cummings, a drag artist and advocate for LGBTQIA+ mental health, along with a mental health street fair filled with art and music. 

Modern Health supported the event in part through the on-site creation of a mural painting by Brooklyn artist Dirty Bandits, and in partnership with our friends at Naomi Osaka’s skincare line, Kinlo. The idea behind the mural was to share people’s positive affirmations with the world, so to inform the mural we asked people on social media: What makes you proud? We were moved by the many ways people identify and the things for which they feel proud: We heard people tell us they’re proud educators, artists, leaders, and survivors. Several people told us they’re proud “change makers.” And Modern Health’s Chief Community Health Advocate Naomi Osaka told us: “I’m a proud athlete, entrepreneur, advocate, sister, and daughter.” 

At the event, Dirty Bandits illustrator Annica Lydenberg painted boards with people’s own affirmations for them to take home. Attendees snapped selfies with the finished mural, which will live on at NAMI-NYC’s new headquarters in Manhattan. 

“This campaign helps to remind us all that people are dynamic and unique,” said Clinical Strategy Lead for Mental Health Equity at Modern Health, Dr. Tiffany Chang. “We are all multifaceted, and these various parts of our identities all influence and interact with our mental health. When we ask people to share what they’re proud of, the exercise helps to reaffirm those parts of ourselves that can bring us joy and comfort in difficult times.” 

NAMI-NYC provides education and advocacy support to both families and individuals affected by mental illness through work like offering ongoing support groups, legislative advocacy in favor of mental health support, and destigmatization campaigns. We look forward to continued partnership with NAMI in our efforts to support our communities with better mental health. 

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