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Her fearless determination in the face of such pressure led to a natural partnership with Modern Health and Modern Community.

Care for others by caring for yourself with our free self-compassion meditations

Here’s a big truth: Most of us are too hard on ourselves. This very statement alone might tug at our heartstrings, because we know we “should” be kinder to ourselves and we “should” treat ourselves like we would treat someone we love. Unfortunately, these kinds of admonitions only serve to make us feel even worse, mired in a cycle of judgment we don’t know how to escape. 

So let’s pause the “shoulds” and start over. I’d like to encourage you to visit our Modern Health Community page and listen to one of our four free community meditations. They range in length from 1 minute to 7 minutes long, and are all centered on the theme of developing greater compassion for yourself. 

What does it mean to have self-compassion? It means being kind to yourself. It means turning your positive thoughts and energies inward. It means being mindful of how you are feeling without judgment and recognizing the common humanity of your experiences. It may look like treating yourself as you would treat a dear friend, as mentioned above. While self-compassion will mean something different for each person, it involves offering ourselves kindness, patience, and understanding. 

Why does it matter? Research shows that self-compassion can promote greater resilience, better coping skills, and overall well-being. For those of us with kids or in close relationships, modeling self-compassion is an excellent way to encourage those around you to be kinder to themselves, too. Hopefully we can agree that in our world full of unceasing stress and challenges, adding in a little more kindness—to ourselves and to anyone—is a good thing. 

If you’re interested in kickstarting a self-compassion journey—or even just treating yourself to a break for a few moments—please listen to one of our self-compassion meditations developed by Modern Health’s own therapists and coaches. We even offer a meditation narrated by tennis champion and Modern Health Chief Community Health Advocate Naomi Osaka, who herself has experienced a personal journey with self compassion. 

Tiffany Chang, PhD
Licensed Psychologist and Mental Health Equity Lead at Modern Health

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