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We are building stronger communities and leading the charge to eliminate stigma around mental health.

Meditate with Naomi
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Meditate with Naomi
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Our story

Started in 2022, Modern Health Community works to expand access to evidence-based mental health care for people who are underserved. We help people learn about their own mental health and develop the skills to best handle life’s ebbs and flows. 
And we strive to end stigma by celebrating our humanity and embracing 
mental health in all facets of our lives.

Our focus

Promoting mental health and well-being

We help communities develop better mental health to handle life’s ups and downs.

Empowering providers

We enable underrepresented therapists and coaches to build their expertise and deliver better care.

access to care

We believe everyone deserves high-quality, evidence-based mental health care.

“My biggest improvement

is mental.” 

-Naomi Osaka

Modern Health Community and its Chief Community Health Advocate, 
Naomi Osaka, are on a mission to end stigma around mental health. Together, we seek to support people on 
their journeys through a world in constant flux.

Being in touch with your mental health prepares you for all life throws your way.

As a Japanese professional tennis player, Naomi Osaka has been a Grand Slam singles champion for four consecutive years since 2018.

However, she played a limited schedule in 2021 to make happiness her priority—taking steps to improve her mental health to have “more fun on the court.”

Her fearless determination in the face of such pressure led to a natural partnership with Modern Health and its community impact initiative, Modern Health Community.

Happiness is a priority.

Her fearless determination in the face of such pressure led to a natural partnership with Modern Health and Modern Community.

Free Community Meditations

Take a moment to center yourself with these free audio meditations created by Modern Health licensed therapists and certified coaches, plus a meditation from our Chief Community Health Advocate, Naomi Osaka.

Timeout for Mindful Kindness

6 min

Using Self-compassion to Make Changes

5 min

Trying Something New

1 min

Gentle Relaxation with Naomi Osaka

7 min

Kids Can Meditate with Naomi

Increasing Positive Behaviors - 8 min
Parent Self Care - 6 min
Imagine Your Big Feeling - 3 min

Our BIPOC Clinical Care Partners

We partner with these outstanding organizations to increase the diversity of therapists and providers in our network and worldwide.

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partnering with us?

We’re always eager to collaborate with organizations working to bring better mental health to our communities.

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